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Why learn Feldenkrais?
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Learn about your habits and self
  • Enjoy everyday activities more
Effectiveness Studies
This site helps you
  • Find relevant lessons easily
  • Ask questions to teachers
  • Journal your experiences
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How to begin
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I must admit that among others lessons found on [the] web, your site has been very helpful to ease my numerous pains. For that I thank you.
 - Ekane Bomono, France

How to do Feldenkrais
These lessons are designed to help you become more aware of the way you use your body. This can lead to the discovery of new options, a release of habitual patterns and improved quality of life.

Movements are always done without effort or strain. If a movement cannot be done easily, you can try doing less, doing it once as a trial or simply imagining doing it.

The benefits come mostly from having the ability to perform a movement, and this is done in the brain.

Free Classes
Big Pinch
Ralph Hadden
Improve manual dexterity, mobilise and clarify hands, fingers and thumb. Imagine taking a huge pinch of salt for a recipe. Explores moving fingers, thumb towards each other in various combinations
Bridge / Backbend
Brent Shaub
Explore bridging gradually and easily into an optional backbend via a coordinated sequence. Watch the captioned before and after video.
Feldenkrais for Yoga #2
Daily 5-Minute Back Care
Ralph Hadden
At completion of a Back workshop I taught this series of moves which can make a nice 5-minute daily loosen-up. (Takes about 9 minutes to learn, but becomes a 5-minute routine.)
Essential Back #2
Gravity is my Friend
Jenni Evans
Gentle, guided movements of exploring the legs relationship to gravity when laying on the back. Restorative and informative.
Pressing and Lifting / Lengthening and Shortening
Alan Questel
Gain an understanding of how a change in initiation and attention can provide you with a totally different experience of the that same action.
The Moment Where We Begin
Release your lower back, hips and neck
Brent Shaub
Release your lower back, hips and neck while lengthening your spine. The gentle yet subtle and profound process will also increase your breathing volume. Refreshing.
Sleep Easy
Margaret Kaye
Effects breathing, posture, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, self-image, reduces pain and increases vitality
Standing Feet
Bob Chapra
Exploring different ways the feet make contact with the ground in standing, sitting and lying on the back.
Threads and Gentle Fingers
Alan Questel
In this lesson you will explore moving gently from your front and your back while developing a fuller engagement and distribution of action throughout the rest of your self.
Uncommon Sensing
Wrist Releasing with a Bracelet
Brent Shaub
Free your fingers, wrist, forearm and breathing with delicate movements of a bracelet.

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